Week 2 Projects 1 and 2

It’s a new week and we are all excited to move on to something new. We get our first rings to work on!! There were 8 of them total.

The first one was a brass band that we had to layout, mark, saw then file grooves into.

The blue is a layout fluid to see the lines better


Layed out and saw cuts in


Filing done time for cleanup.


Practice piece and Final finished!


Filing a concave groove is pretty straight forward, the next band has concave grooves and convex lines as well. A little more complicated!

This ring started as a plain band like the first ones. This time in the layout process we had to do it a bit different. On either side of the convex groove we had to saw to define the space before we filed. Filing too much or saw marks in the wrong place or crooked destroys the geometry of the whole ring. The convex part had to have symmetrical hump and no lumpy, wavy or irregular spots, FUN FUN!!


I was pretty ecstatic with the final products. They came out really well…. I got lucky!!!!!



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