Week 1 Tool Prep

Sorry for the delay in posting pictures, we had 13 projects given and due the first week and new projects given the second week! Hectic but I’m caught up finally.

Week one projects consisted of tool modifications, making sanding sticks, putting safe edges onto 6 files and altering 2 benchpins. We use the sanding sticks a lot so they’re pretty used in the photo.  The safe edges had to have a mirror finish on them under magnification! Not an easy task, that took the longest. All of the projects had very specific measurements and guidelines and they were fairly strict on details.


The safe edges on the files are for filing prongs next to a set gemstone without scratching the stone



This is the benchpin we use for piercing and drilling


This is the benchpin we use for working and filing


all in all good projects. It got everybody used to using tools and training the eye to see what we needed to see. Now for our first projects!!

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