Week 1 Projects

The projects they give us have different due dates, some are the next day some are that week and some are at 6 weeks when we have our first bench test. All of the tool prep projects are due at week 6 but we need them for all of the projects we do so they’re really due by the end of week one.

All of the metal projects so far have come in twos, one practice piece and one final piece. First project was to saw, drill, stamp and polish to 320 grit 16 small tags from a given sheet of copper. All tags to be the same in size, hole placement and sheen.


The second project was to square up a piece of given copper measure and layout the design, drill, saw, clean up and polish to a 320 grit. This one was pretty tough! The lines had to be specific distances from the edge, holes had to be in a specific place, no tool marks, fingerprints, and polish marks all going in the same direction. This one was graded and there were 20 categories to achieve! The tolerances to be off were within 0ne tenth of a millimeter!!


Honestly one of the harder things I’ve done. I passed with an 85, 3 of my layout lines were off just a hair more than 1 tenth of a millimeter! Looks simple but wow!

Friday of week one we had our first quiz, a safety quiz. I got a 100!!! Im proud to say I think any of my students would have passed this quiz. Tom and I tought you well on the safety!

I really slept well over the weekend!

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