First Day!!!

After what seems to be FOREVER I had my first day at GIA. It was mostly an orientation to the facility and meet and greet with the staff, tour of the place and intro to all the department heads. We had time to socialize with the other students and get to know each other. There are 15 students total in my class, 6 men and 9 women. After lunch we got to unwrap our tools and set up our benches!!!! Holy crap, I forgot how much I like new tools!!! Just the smell and….. Oh, sorry! 

The benches are modestly supplied, no tools from home alowed. Most of the tools we keep. No, unfortunately not the $800 micro motor hand piece. All tools put away and on to books.  No books! We each get an iPad that has all of our instructional material loaded onto it! Bye bye book bag and lugging tons of large books around. Thank you Steve Jobs. I’m no longer a noob….. I have an official ID!!!! 

Monday we start using and altering tools. We have the weekend to study the first module and it’s on!!!!!!! Safety test and tool nomenclature tests this week. Everything happened so fast I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the campus. I’ll do it Monday I promise. This place is amazing and what a dream it is to be here. Thank you to all who had a hand in helping me get here, I am forever grateful!!


3 thoughts on “First Day!!!

  1. The smell of tools- Oh My I will send you a can of WD40 to sooth you. I bought 2 spare wheel lug studs and nuts to keep in my rzr after seeing your jeep pics. Good luck play nice with the other newbies.


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