Home at last!

After a stressful build up we finally hit the road. The trip was pretty smooth and we made it to California in good shape. Dierdre had to drive the jeep with the Uhaul trailer attached, she did an amazing job! We had an appointment to look at a small studio in Escondido….. Creepy, creepy dungeon, super creepy!!!  To a motel and on to the next one in the morning.

We found a cabin 2 blocks from the beach in Leucadia, looks like it will work ok. It’s super small and pretty run down but it’s 2 blocks from the beach!! We have one more appointment left in the hills outside San Marcos. We’re gonna look at that before we commit.

We’re here in the San Elijo Hills, man it’s beautiful! The house is super nice and the room is large with a bathroom. Sorry beach cabin….. I think we’re home. The homeowner is very nice and I think we’re gonna get along here just fine.

Un packed and now to return the Uhaul trailer. 2 blocks from the Uhaul place we were coming around the corner and ……..

All lugs sheared, tire passed us on the road, Jeep skidded to a stop!!! Glad I was driving! We’re ok, greatfull we weren’t on the highway. We actually had just exited!! Holy crap that was a close one. We spent our first day here at the jeep dealership with a busted up green machine! Lol
Greco has been really good to Dierdre. So far super accommodating. Got a rental for the week……..

Oh that makes it feel better!! Kind of like shiny black ice cream!!! Lol

Jeep should be fixed by Tuesday. What a wild ride! We’re in our new place, safe and ready to relax alittle. Time to explore!


One thought on “Home at last!

  1. Glad you are home…. glad you are all safe. I don’t know, you go to Cali and you end up in a fast sleek car… where are your off road AZ roots… don’t go getting all Cali’d up on us. Just kidding. Glad you are safe. Looking forward to following the adventure.


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