The big send off 

I’d like to extend a humongous thank you to my sista from anotha mister!! Miss Rosee put together a great farewell for us today!

After a hectic day of final packing and trips to storage it was really nice to be showered in love by all our peeps. Even with the rain and cool, overcast weather you all came out to send us off. Means a lot. It was a great gathering and I tried to spend time with everyone.

Thanks to all for pitching in, making such nice edibles, laughing and telling tales and making us feel loved. We’re gonna miss you all!!


4 thoughts on “The big send off 

  1. Mark I just want to Thank You for all you have taught me! The powers that be, made sure our paths would cross. I’ll never forget that day at the radio station, I was just filling in that day! You & I became fast friends & now we are family. I wish you nothing but the best that life has to offer.There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will strive in whatever life has in store for you! Enjoy the journey! I’ll always do as you taught me…”The Mark Way!” Don’t forget to visit your “kids!” Take care my brother! Peace, Love & Respect.

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  2. Mark, Mark, Mark! My happiness for your next adventure is over shadowed only by the huge sucking hole in my heart to see you and Diedre head west. You have been the one mentor in my life who pressed on, even when it was obvious it was a waste of time – until I started to get it. Generously sharing your talent, perseverance, and patience helped all your “kids” keep going until our fears melted away at the kiln or solder station and we started taking risks, and having so much fun. Thanks to you I love what I do (most of the time) and each piece I make comes with the whispers in my head – no, no, no; don’t do THAT! Thanks for convincing Tom to take over the classes; our town needs him, and I know he will do you proud. Never forget you, you touched us all with your gifts, you are special, and you are loved. Thanks for being a friend who listened, shared, and laughed through the ups and downs; your are a joy to know, I am so happy to have you as a friend. I know we will enjoy many laughs over the coming years. God Bless you Both, Sue


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