Good bye MCC

Today was a sad day, it was my last day as the Jewelry instructor at Mohave Community College. Its been an amazing 6 years there and ill miss it a lot. I think most of all ill miss my “kids”. Even though the majority of you are retired you will always be my kids! I’ve watched you all blossom from wonky little silverlings who weren’t sure they could do it to some amazingly creative jewelry artists. Y’all did me proud!!

Enough with all the mushy stuff and….. NO I wont fix your bezel!!   LOL

In the vacuum of my exodus I leave you a new instructor….”THE MAN” Tom Henderson. He has been my right hand man from the beginning. Sometimes the right one too! I wouldn’t have been the instructor I was with out him. I find a great measure of comfort and relief that its him that I pass this torch to. Very talented and extremely capable of furthering your education.

This is going to be an amazing adventure for me, thank you all for your part!

To be continued……….


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